Birth Injury


The birth of a child in most instances is a happy and wonderful experience. Unfortunately, for a small minority of families, problems can occur in the management of the pregnancy, labour, delivery or postnatally. Births can be difficult and problems can arise with no warning. If you feel a medical professional has not performed to the standard expected of them and this negligence has resulted in injury to yourself or your baby you may have a claim. Foot Anstey understands that these types of injuries can have a devastating and life changing effect on a family. We have a long history of successfully handling claims in this area and you can feel assured that we will treat your claim with the compassion and sensitivity it deserves.

Birth injuries can occur to either the mother or the baby. Injuries to the baby can include cerebral palsy, Erbs Palsy, paralysis, brain injury, nerve damage, infections including Group Strep B, jaundice, brachial plexus palsy and an injury from an assisted delivery 

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