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Can Find What your lookingThe difference between damage and serious damage, a life expectancy of 40 years and a life expectancy of 10 years and even the difference between life and death can hang on the time it takes a medical professional to diagnose your condition and then treat it. Delays in either of these steps can have a huge impact on a patient making a claim for compensation a necessity.

These mistakes and delays are often made by a GP, a specialist or in the A&E department. Therefore, the claims in this area can be made against a wide variety of medical professionals concerning endless medical conditions. Common examples include a delay in diagnosis of cancer  and surgical errors .

Foot Anstey has vast experience and for that reason we can offer you the best advice on whether you have a claim and then support you in investigating the extent of your injury. If you believe your condition should have been diagnosed earlier or treated more appropriately then please contact us to discuss your concerns further.

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